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PMU: Millennials


Also known as Generation Y, Millennials were the children of the Gen Xers, born between Born to the "Silent Generation" between 1982-1996.  This demographic was the first to grow up with the Internet.  The introduction of the iPhone in the latter half of this generation created a distinct subclass that is much more technology-driven, and more passive, than earlier Millennials. This cohort grew up in the world of mobile devices and social media, which strongly influenced their beliefs and values.  This was the "Participation Medal" generation, as their Gen Xer "Helicopter" parents tended to be overly protective, and sought to meet their every want and whim, creating an entitlement mindset.   

  • Highly Relational
  • Openly Challenging
  • Technology Driven
  • Adaptive to Change
  • Task-Oriented
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