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About PMU

Your Ultimate Guide to Financial Literacy
Peace of Mind Unversity
Welcome to Peace of Mind U, your go-to source for financial education! We believe that everyone deserves access to financial literacy resources so they can make informed decisions about their money.

That's why we've created this consumer-centric website, providing easy-to-understand information about personal finance. Whether you're an individual or a family, we're here to help you make better money choices and achieve financial peace of mind.

Join us on this journey toward financial freedom!
Meet Our Founder
Dr. John L. Terry, III
Dr. John L. Terry, III

Founder of Peace of Mind University and a Financial Success Coach for more than 3 decades, Dr. John has been writing, teaching, and educating individuals and families since 1989 on proven financial success principles. He is an author, speaker, and financial coach and has worked as an educator both inside and outside the financial services industry for years.  

Dr. John is a Certified Estate Counselor and has previously been licensed as a Registered Representative and an Investment Advisor Representative.  He is insurance licensed, serving as a coach and trainer to the financial services industry.  He has also previously owned and operated a tax preparation firm, a mortgage origination company, a Broker/Dealer, and a Registered Investment Advisory firm.

His educational background includes a degree in Business Management, Economics & Finance and a Doctorate in Theology.  Dr. John is also the founder of Black Belt Leadership, a coaching and consulting group committed to teaching people to lead themselves well and make good choices, becoming Black Belt Leaders in Life.
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